About Us

Sheer Sources is a business management and consulting firm to accelerate the business performance and give it a sheer growth at an exponential rate. Sheer partners with a business at two different levels:

– Level 1: Provide end to end to management consulting
– Level 2: Provide consulting services and support in specific business functions.

Sheer Sources (consulting services) is considered as need of the hour today, with ever changing and upgrading technology or competitive services provided by business to customers. Every business wants to deliver its best to its customer, and only the one with best practice is able to provide definitive satisfaction to its customer.

Banked with versatile business acumen and industry experts from varied segments; Sheer Sources provides quality consulting services to its clients. The bridging solutions provided by our consultancy are strategically driven with a pure focus to drive the company in the direction of growth and profitability.

Driven by an ideologist-Mr. Kali Charan, Founder/Director-Sheer Sources.

Sheer Sources is started by Mr. Kali Charan with various approaches to consulting along the continuum. Charan initiated this Business Management and Consulting firm in August 2013 and was registered as a firm in October 2013, with a keen idea to provide pure consulting services to the business in need. He has served the industry at various top notch roles for more than a decade, after which he has come up with a robust methodology of consulting for business growth. With a crystal clear foresight into the overall economic conditions, Sheer Sources has adopted a cyclic approach where businesses remain stable even in turbulent market situations.

Charan, a visionary by nature; he has diligently laid a system in place for each of the consulting service- and this system runs all by itself with individual process customised by a unique value proposition.

Sheer Sources across Industries and Verticals

Business consulting at Sheer Sources is operated for across industry verticals. We thoroughly understand that business is interlinked in industrial perspective where resources can be shared and aligned for mutual benefit. We extend our consulting services to public and private sector units to provide strategic solutions for its long term advantage.

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Communications & Information Technology

Manufacturing and Engineering Services